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January Goals 2009

December 31st, 2008 at 05:25 pm

In no paticular order...

1) Finally Pay back my grandfather [DONE!]

2) Pay off Credit One and cancel the card (Whoot! First step!) [DONE!]

3) Open a savings account instead of using the envelope system [FAILED!]

4) Start 20$ Challenge and lose five pounds [FAILED!]

5) Finish boyfriend's book (its some relationship thing we do. We have been working on it for almost a year now) [FAILED!]

6) Get an xbox 360 and rock out! [Done!]

7) Have a social life at least 3x a week

8) Spend more time with my family [DONE!]

9) Get all my pictures developed. I have like 110 in my memory card. [FAILED!]

10) Fix my super annoying car. Oh, I can't WAIT to trade it in!! [DONE!]

Why can't december end already!!!!

December 30th, 2008 at 03:35 pm

Ugh! Only a few more days in this month and I'm itching for it to end! I checked my school's bursar's office and in January I'll be getting 2,294.25$!!! I'm so excited!!!! AAHHH!!! Almost all of that is debt money! I'm gonna pay off some bills! I'm gonna pay off some bills! Yes!! I'm so smart! I rock those scholarships!! Okay, time to take a humble pill. Alright, well I have big plans for that money. Big plans. Hopefully I'll be a month ahead and get to pay off Credit One and Firestone in one go. That would be amazing!! I dunno though because my car has some problems that I really need to get fixed. I could charge it to my firestone card but forget that! I'm paying that junk off!

The firestone card is actually one of the cards that I plan on keeping and not canceling. That's because getting cars fixed can be super expensive and, if it's a large sum of money that I don't have, I can charge a little bit of it. I don't plan on charging fixing my car this time though. I dunno..

Okay, this is what my car is doing. The window somehow broke. Its not shattered or anything but it won't roll up anymore. I think it slipped off that thing that moves it up or down. I pushed it up and taped it but it still slips down even with the tape. This is extremely annoying cuz it makes it easy for people to reach into my car and its not like I'm living in the best of neighborhoods right now. It also lets cold wind in and rain. Basically it sucks and I wanna get it fixed but have no idea how much it'll cost me. Has that ever happed to ya'll? Any estimates?

sometimes its really hard

December 29th, 2008 at 03:25 am

Okay, I am now making more money. This is a good thing. I went from around 290$ a month to over 500$. I finally feel like I can get all this debt paid off which is wonderful because I'm sticking it to the man I really need an apartment around august. That means, credit score must go up and no cards cancelled until I am happily settled in my new one bedroom. Besides the one I have to pay five dollars for every month. Why the heck did I even get that card anyway? Oh yeah, it goes back to the never ending cycle. Stupid 'the man'. I should be getting around 2,000$ back in scholarship money to do whatever I want with and what I would really like, besides buying my school books and paying off credit cards, is get a new laptop. I know I can't but its really hard to say no when they are all on sale. My computer sucks. I mean, hardcore. I have cancelled the same program three times and it keeps appearing!! WTF WINDOWS!!!!??? I can think of tons of reasons why I should get one but I'm gonna tell myself no....and keep telling myself that. Can you stab a program?

Instead, if I have extra money, I'm gonna get a printer (since I'm extremely tired of putting everything on a usb drive and running to the library at six in the morning especially when its raining and my umbrella is broken and, as ya'll read from previous entries, I don't do mornings.) and I have been finding some nice ones for around 70$ which is totally do-able. Then, I wouldn't have to buy the windows student thing-a-ma-bob software that my school runs off of (since I didn't have a printer or that software, I usually had to put everything in an e-mail to myself and then reorganize it. Have you ever tried to reorganize a thriteen page paper in APA format? Not fun). Later on, when I get my new computer I'll get it but as for now, paying off bills.

Which is so annoying!!! I dunno how since Gandhi is like my biggest hero but I have somehow changed into a very materialistic person. Did I even spell that right? Anywho, I have been going out with the best guy in the whole world and he's a total cheap booty (notice the sensory? Yeah, I'm being classy). No offensive, baby! I love that about you! And because he saves so much, that's been rubbing off on me. Also, the ever approaching deadline 'you only have a few more months here!!!' is pretty inspiring. Especially since, even though she isn't Jewish, my mother could be the perfect Jewish mom. Always with the nagging!

This kind of has become almost second nature. Not the Jewish mom thing, the saving thing. I'm shopping at the dollar store a lot lately and turning up my nose at sixteen dollar scarves (not at the dollar store of course) when, a few months ago, I wouldn't have thought twice. Now I'm making more money and everything is on sale and its super hard not to go absolutely crazy and blow all my hard earned money to reward myself for working so hard. I know, I know, being out of debt is gonna feel so much better than a new pair of high heels...which actually don't feel that good anyway, but its hard and I wanted to complain about it. Me Me Me Moo Moo Moo!!

Can't think of a title

December 26th, 2008 at 10:19 pm

Well, christmas was wonderful because we didn't go out of town which meant we spent less money. There was a slight setback in that I was woken up at seven in the morning by people sending me christmas forwards via text messages to which I responded all: 'Don't ya'll have anything better to do?! This holiday is suppose to be about spending time with your family? What the hell! Go be with them and stop sending me forwards! I'm jewish anyway so its not like I give a damn!' then I turned off my phone. (I'm a very angry jew in the morning). Some of ya'll may ask why I celebrate christmas if I'm jewish and I just would like you to know that I don't. My family does. Being the lone jew in a sea of baptist and mormons can be a little more than annoying. Especially when it comes to christmas text messages at seven in the morning.

Today I woke up determined to take advantage of the christmas sales. My boyfriend (The toaster guy from previous entries) is taking me to a fancy restraunt saturday and I needed a nice outfit. Just thinking about him brings back the insides and the toaster. It makes me happy Smile . well, the one shirt that I thought was perfect wasn't on sale but since I got a christmas bonus I went ahead and got it anyway. I know, boo on me, but I just want ya'll to know that absolutely everything else was on sale so I have this absolutely wonderful outfit for less than a 100$ & I am very proud of myself. Man, that was a long sentence. And no, its not 99$ its like 50$.

Since I had all this extra money from taking on the extra case I went ahead and paid two bills that I thought was gonna have to wait until next week. That leaves me enough for groceries and the ability to pay the rest of this months bills (which consists of two) next week. Then, in about two weeks I have scholarship money coming in. I'm still unsure how much I'll be getting but I'm gonna use whatever I get to completely pay off one bill. I'm really excited!!!

Oh, and to top everything else off, I finished all my goals for this month. I finally cleaned out my car! Its amazing! I can actually take people for rides!! I know, I'm amazing. I wasn't able to do one of the goals but that's okay because I'm doing totally awesome on not using a single credit card. I've decided on three I'm actually gonna keep and completely get rid of the rest. Canceling and all. I know it'll hurt my score for awhile but knowing me, if I keep the cards it'll hurt my score even more.

Well, I've rambled enough and if ya'll actually read through that than kudos, give yourself a dollar. Stay fresh!!

a happy change of plans!

December 23rd, 2008 at 03:59 am

So, I thought we would be going out of town for christmas but turns out we aren't! No one in my family could actually afford the trip down there and, once we all complained enough about it we decided not to go! Now, that may seem like nothing to ya'll. Maybe just saving 100$ in gas money but you would be wrong! This is only the third Christmas in my entire life that I haven't gone to visit my relatives in my entire life! I am so excited! Its like my first christmas all over again!

Oh, and the amazement (amazment?) doesn't end there! I talked to my mom and she said that she no longer wants to exchange gifts! Instead she wants us all to get together and just do something or go somewhere as a family! Now, call me selfish but I'd rather fork over gas money and actually go somewhere than I would buy a gift for someone who may or may not throw it away the next day.

We are talking about putting away a couple of dollars each week and all pitching in to go to Florida or somewhere. Do you know how cool it would be to go swimming on Christmas?! That would be balling! Oh! I'm so happy!!!!

ssssoooooooo tired

December 20th, 2008 at 11:43 pm

I am completely exhausted from work but I feel like writing a blog. I dunno why either. You would think I'd take a hot bath, soak, and curl up in bed watching the style network but you'd be wrong because Ruby is on and I've seen that episode.

I can't really think of anything to really write about so I'll just say hi, ya'll! I wont be able to write all next week because I'll be out of town with no internet so Merry Whatever-You-Celebrate and don't be an a$$ if you decide to do last minute shopping.


December 18th, 2008 at 11:33 pm

Okay, So a (big word here) depression has been on my mind lately. I think this is mainly because I have actually been watching the news. So, naturally, women wanna talk about what they are thinking about. Guess what I was doing the other day? Talking about a possible depression. You know what this one chick decided to tell me. She told me that I shouldn't be talking about it because it'll just upset people. My jaw literally dropped and, being the Memphis girl I am, I wanted to slap the stupid B@#&$!!! You know what? People should be scared! This is our freakin' economy we are talking about! People are losing their freakin' jobs and life savings! If you don't talk about it, whose gonna prepare?

This is not something you can just ignore and hope it goes away. If it doesn't happen, great! I mean, why would I want a depression to happen? I'm still in debt and I hear on the news that several credit card companies are gonna be raising interest rates because they are losing so much money. I need a new car cuz' mine is breaking down and I hear that the auto industry is failing. My mom can't afford her house but can't sell it to get a smaller one because she a) has lost the majority of her savings and b) her house isn't worth anything now!

There is no way in hell I'm wishing something as intense as a depression on us but some of us don't have the luxury of being uper class. We don't have thousands of dollars to blow on whatever we want while hard-working people lose everything they worked so hard to get.

UUURRRGGGG!!! I am so angry right now! I am working my butt off trying to get out of debt before anything hits. I am lucky enough that my office announced that they don't have enough poeple so I'm not gonna lose my job. I was planning on getting an apartment but, because of my mom's situation I might have to move back in with her and help her pay her bills. Or maybe I just shouldn't talk about it and magically they will get paid. Stupid B#@$%.

depression scare

December 17th, 2008 at 04:20 pm

So yesterday my boyfriend and I went two visit our families which was fun. His is going to Mexico and said they would bring me back something colorful. I'm hoping its something Mexican Folk arty. I love the smiling skulls and bright colors. Its totally ballin'.

Well, his mom made santa bread for my family. Its a giant loaf of bread that looks just like a santa face, I dunno how she does it. Well, while we were dropping it off at my house we ran into my mom which is a super rare occasion since she works two jobs. Well, one of her jobs is the same thing I do, adult sitter, and she said that she heard on the news that we are now going into a depression. That sometime next year or something we would no longer be considered a recession but full-blown depression.

I was wondering if anyone else heard this? I personally blame the goverment continuing bailing out big business. Yeah, I know, if they don't stocks suffer but its just the beginning of a cycle. They aren't bailing out the people and it doesn't matter if they bail out these buisness because the people still can't afford to shop there.

Maybe I'm wrong. I dunno that much about economics. I made a B in it back in high school but I totally guessed on everything so I dunno how that happened.

Well, just in case we are in for a depression I'm putting extra dedication into getting rid of my debt and building my savings. There is no way I'm gonna let 'the man' attack me during a depression. If we are in for this, I am so stomping the dude and his little suit.

Like a rich chick!

December 16th, 2008 at 06:02 pm

The history chanel just said that the gravitational pull that is holding the moon in place is slowly losing its grip. That the moon is slipping away from us a couple of inches every year. No wonder I have dreams about the world ending. The history chanel can be way scarier than any horror movie you can put in. I mean, the world ending in 2012, the moon going away...what's wrong with these people?!

Okay, I decided to write this blog because I finally got the money that my sister owed me for xmas presents! Yayness! Only...she doesn't know I took it from her yet. I'm sneaky like that. Sneaky like a mongoose. My grandpa sent us all fifty dollars in the mail for xmas since he is always out of town. He usually goes to this little mountain cabin with his wife (not my grandma, she passed. Sorry, didn't want to seem like I didn't love my grandma. I like his new wife though. She always smells very clean and laughs a lot. I like clean people who laugh.) and they spend time with her family. Long story why he doesn't spend time with his kids. Lets just say it involves 6,000$. Anywho, he sent us money and since my adoring little twit of a sister owed me 55$ (five more than what he sent) I took thirty dollars of her money and called it even.

It feels amazing to have money in my pocket! I mean, true, that money is immediately going towards bills, but it just feels nice to have it there for a liitle while. I even took some of that thirty dollars and filled up my car. Oh! I haven't had a full tank in over a month now! It felt so great!! I felt like one of those rich girls! know, its very sad when you feel like a rich person just because you filled up your car. Even after gas prices went down.

I haven't told ya'll to 'stay fresh' in awhile....and I'm still not gonna do it in this blog.


December 15th, 2008 at 08:49 pm

I got more hours at work!!!! I have another extra five hours at work a week!! I start it after new years which is poopy but its still an extra five hours!!! YAY!! Oh, and my boss is keeping an eye out for another case for me!!!!! WHOOT!!!


December 15th, 2008 at 06:01 pm

Nah, I'm just kidding. I saw my puppy today and she is fine besides being lazy and curled up in bed all morning. That's how she do.

Well, as ya'll can see by my beautiful side bar over there I have added a section called 'the future' bum bum BUM! Ya'll probably didn't even really notice though. Am I the only one that looks at those? I'm thinking yes. Well, ya'll might laugh at me but the future thing is about saving for my wedding. No, I'm not engaged or getting married. I hope to one day but, truthfully, its gonna be awhile. I have a bit of a comitment issue (who doesn't in this day and age?) and I'm still in college and will be for awhile. It never ends....*sigh*

well, I was watching some financial stuff on Tv (I'm totally addicted. I dunno what they are talking about half the time but they are soooo passionate about it!) and reading blogs and discovered that a lot of people are still in debt from their wedding. That's a no-no when it comes to me. There is no way I'm gonna get in debt and get right back in it as soon as I'm suppose to be starting my life with someone. Some people I have talked to have made fun of me for saving this early. They are like "Why are you saving if you don't plan to get married for another six or so years! That's ridicolous! ME ME ME MOO MOO MOO!"

*note: ME ME ME MOO MOO MOO! Is what I say when people are nagging or complaining. It's Missy speak, the quiz will be next wednesday.

But I say, bite me! That's the whole point! I mean, isn't it better to save for these kinda things years in advance than one year from the date? That way I have a chance to build up more money and it not have a wedding cake from wal-mart that is designed to look like a race track! I am speaking from real life. My friend, God bless her, had KFC cater her wedding and had a Cars (you know, the disney movie?) wedding cake. It even had the plastic even said CONGRADS!....Honey, noooo. That's what happens when you don't save for your wedding. *shakes head*

Okay, before I hear any complaining that my savings fund has a lower goal amount than my future fund does, I just wanna say that isn't the limit. It's just that, when I look at it, it looks a little more reasonable than putting 300,000$ especially for a girl who only has enough to put a dollar in each account.

Speaking of which! isn't that little dollar amount cute! I mean, awww! Missy, is broke! I was gonna buy a pizza with it but instead made little envelopes with the name of the funds on the outside and put a dollar in each one....with the exception of incentives of course because I didn't have enough dollars.

I'm so happy my dog is not eated! Smile

Ode to the christmas crowd

December 13th, 2008 at 07:54 pm

I dunno how ya'll's towns do christmas but mine is pretty insane. I live in Memphis and its like, as soon as november hits peoplke go insane! Its like the end of the world and they only way you will survive is buying everything in arms length. I haven't been to the mall in awhile. I actually try to avoid it around this time because just driving near a mall is hell on earth. Yesterday a friend of mine came in from out of town and she wanted to go shopping because she heard that the mall had some good deals. I decided that was okay because I need to finish some last minute christmas shopping (this is last minute to me).

Oh, I wish we hadn't gone. It was insane and rude and absolutely crazy. I could have slapped several mom's shopping for their children. The soccer mom's need to keep it on the field. If they don't, this is Memphis and they are just begging for a beat down. I mean, I went to public schools and don't think I'm too grown up to forget that. That's an attitude that never leaves.

The good news is I'm totally done christmas shopping! At least for this month. I promised my boyfriend a movie in his gift but I let him know he may not get it until a little later. I'm not going back out in that. Hopefully he understands. I got my mom a desk set and wanted to get her a matching notepad to go with it but I think I'll end up getting her some bath stuff because I still have some from my avon days and need to get rid of it. At least I wont have to go to the mall again!

Oh, happy days!

One goal reached

December 13th, 2008 at 07:07 pm

Well, I have been trying to get more hours at work and I finally succedded. 'Bout time! I got a nine hour case every other sunday and I start tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward ti it because every other sunday with someone who has alzheimers is generally a bad idea. Not to blow my own horn but alzheimers is my speciality. I am very good at dealing with people who have this problem because it takes a LOT of patience. Most people don't have what it takes and end up quitting or the family fires them because they upset the patient.

The bad part about this is, if her alzheimers is as bad as my paper work makes out, then I'm in for a time every other sunday. She is not gonna remember me and that can cause some problems. Panic is never a good thing. Well, sometimes its a good thing but definately not in this situation.

The good part about this: I get paid ten dollars and hour. I mean, I get paid that much anyway but an extra nine hours is not gonna hurt me. I'm not super excited about this job, as ya'll can probably tell by my previous paragraph. I mean, I would rather get a case that's every other weekend not every other sunday but I plan on sticking with it...I mean, at least until I get my debt in better standing and save a little.

If I can get, oh, all my debt paid besides my 1fbusa and car then I'll move onto another case. My debt will be so much easier to manage that way...I mean, it'll be almost gone so it should be easier to manage.

cake AND death

December 13th, 2008 at 03:11 am

Have you ever heard the saying Cake or death? I have always wondered where that saying came from. I thought maybe it had to do with the French Revolution or something but I'm probably way off. How it pretains to me is I'm not getting a choice in the matter. If I did I would obviously choose cake but, when it comes to debt, you get both. Hopefully I get to eat the cake first.

Now, in my last blog I asked ya'll what ya'll thought I should do about canceling my credit cards once I paid them off and the advice seemed kinda down the middle. The last advice I got helped the most. The one about how they would spend the money anyway, even if they cut it up. Yeah, that's totally me. I need to get rid of these cards. I don't want them open and someone steal my identity or me just use the account number on the interenet. I mean, both of those suck.

The bad part is that, when I get out of debt and finally get to cancel those horrible cards, my credit score is gonna drop. That's obviously the death part. The cake being no more debt. Oh, its chocolate too!

I have decided to go ahead and cancel the cards. I don't plan on doing it all at once. I mean, that would be a whole lot of stupid. I'm gonna slowly do this slowly. Maybe over years if it takes it. I plan on keeping maybe two or three and definately keeping my oldest card. The first one to go will definately be my credit one card since I have to pay to use it and its my newest. I'll wait a few months after I cancel that one to cancel another one. Eventually though, I'm gonna be free of this horrible horrible burden and, when I do, I'm totally throwing a party. Ya'll can come too but byob!

Stay fresh ya'll and do be afraid to do things on ya'll's terms. I mean, as much as they want us to believe it, the credit card companies don't own our souls. We decide when we get the cards and we decide when we cancel them so ppphhhbbbbttt on them!!

I need major advice!! Please help me!!!

December 11th, 2008 at 06:30 pm

Okay, here is the, that's a dumb saying...I really want out of debt, like super bad can't-stand-owing-people-stuff-anymore out of debt. Okay, but get this, I also don't want my credit score to suffer because I'm getting out of debt. How does that happen? Canceling my credit cards. Now, I really want to cancel the majority of my cards. I plan on keeping maybe three at the most. I heard through the grapevines, and by grapevines I mean websites about raising credit, that, if you cancel your credit cards, your score will go down. That really sucks. I mean, I don't want to have all these open accounts open that I'm not using but I don't want my credit score to drop once it gets back up.

So what I'm asking ya'll is what do I do? I thought about everytime I pay off two credit cards I close one so it's not like a major drop in a credit line but I dunno if that will cushion anything. Please help me!!

My last expensive christmas

December 8th, 2008 at 10:45 pm

I have been reading some blogs and online ideas for christmas and I have decided that this will be my very last expensive christmas. If ya'll read my blog than you'll know how much I absolutely LOVE the christmas season. I mean, I love it even more than someone strapping me to a chair and throwing spiders on me! I love it more than a dentist pulling out my teeth without numbing me! I mean, it's so joyous and festive! And who doesn't look good in light up reindeer sweaters?!

This christmas is gonna cost me. I already know that. True, I didn't spend as much as I originally thought because I shopped at Gordmans (My favorite store ever! Go online to see if you have one in your area! Now!...Well, not now. Finish reading my blog first!) But shopping for my mom and dad is gonna cost me because my brother, sister and I always split the cost. This year my sister seems to think it would be a great idea not to give me the money so I have to pay double. Hear that sound? That sound is the sound of me strangling her in my mind.

I have decided that I am going super cheap on gifts for now on. Christmas is not about gifts or a coca-cola designed Santa. Its about spending time with love ones and drinking hot chocolate and watching the Godfather 1 & 2.

I have decided that, with friends, I'm gonna spend a total of ten dollars. It's really easy to put nice things together for ten dollars and is also a challenge to make it not look like you splurged at the dollar store. I like a challenge. (besides, I only have like three friends I would buy anything for anyway) I mean, its kind of fun. I did something similar to that this year with one friend. She told me not to spend a lot on her if I was gonna get her anything because she couldn't afford to buy anybody anything thise year. I planned on getting her something anyway because she is one of my besties and I ended up finding a great gift for her. It cost a total of four dollars. I gave it to her today. She actually squealed. I mean, what? She loved it and thought it was so cute (it was a box of hershey kisses with one of their old style advertisements on it. She loves old advertisments like the classic coca-cola stuff.) Moral of the story: You don't have to spend a lot to have the perfect gift and I rule.

P.s. got the gift at gordman's.

Family Friends
Now for family friends (total of two). I plan on spending another ten. They always get me something so I kinda feel obligated but they are more neighbors than, 'hey missy, lets gets some drinks or go out to eat sometime! Need a shoulder to cry on? I'm here!' so that's ten dollars. Again, super fun challenge. I have a winning complex.

Now this is where it gets complicated. My family is extremely materialistic. I wish they weren't but they are and they actually judge each other when it comes to what gifts they get. I mean, my mom actually said that I get my uncle better gifts so I must love him more. WTF, MOM! That gives me slight pressure to spend more because I feel like I have to please everyone but forget that! I'm changing my thinking and they can deal. I mean, I get them something. I don't hand them a half-eaten box of candy and say 'go wild' which actually happened to me once. Thank's auntie. Best gift ever. not. Well, the problem with my family is there is a lot of them. I have six aunts and uncles on one side and four on the other. Add in their kids and you have a fun time. I have forty cousins on my mom's side alone. Now, I'm not gonna worry about any of them. They usually don't buy anything for me, unless they already ate half of it and there are too many to deal with. I will be buying for my parents (2), my siblings (2), my grandparent (1) and my closest uncle (1). My brother and sister are too young to work so we will divide the cost of everyone (of course, we buy for each other seperately. We don't divide the amount on my brother. My brother gets gifts from me and sis. Just better that way. I plan on spending 50$ on each of my parents and my uncle (remember that will be divided so I don't actually spend that much) and then 15$ on brother and sister (30 total) and 25$ on my grandmother (we never see her and that will also be divided)

Now I have a boyfriend and his family to buy for. They have already told me not to spend more than 5$ on them which makes me really happy. For them, that's 15$. Buying for him, not so sure. We always try to spend the same amount on each other so there is no, 'I spent 150$ on you and you bought me a three dollar teddy bear!!!' Yeah, don't wanna deal with that. I haven't talk to him on that one and he can be picky on certain things so I'm gonna leave that one a huge question mark. Here it is: ? Imagine it bigger.

Okay, Here is my total. This is actually the first time I've looked at it so I'm gonna be as suprised as you...that or tired of reading this. *drum roll* After spliting the price of family members with my brother and sister I get a total of 153.34? I put the question mark there because I'm not sure about my boyfriend. It's a little more than I thought but I'm pretty happy with it. I mean, even if it went up to closer to 200$ that's still a lot less than what this christams will be.

I thought about bringing down how much I spend on my uncle but I'm not doing that. My uncle isn't married because his fiancee died in a car crash and treats us like his kids. He calls me every week and is the first to offer any help when things gets tough. He's absolutely the only family member that does that. He deserves fifty dollars on his gift.

Okay, I'm done. Just felt like blogging. Oh, and if you actually read this all the way through, you deserve a cookie. I mean, that had to be as fun as getting a light up christmas sweater.


An emergency fund and a question

December 8th, 2008 at 04:35 pm

Well, I have been figuring out how much I would need for an emergency fund and decided that I should have 8 months of living expenses since the economy is poopy. I think 344$ sounds like a good estimate. I mean, I don't have a house or kids to pay for and I'm mainly adding up what I owe on bills every month plus an extra 100$. Thinking about it, I make 292$ every month...I pay almost in much as bills as I make...No wonder I'm always in debt! Man, that sucks!! I am definately gonna have to get more hours at work. okay, back on subject. 344$ times 8 is 2,752$ for those of you who hate math as much as I do. I need to get that as soon as possible.

I'm gonna start putting 29.56$ of every check into a savings account (I think that should be a dime of every dollar...again, hate math) and, when I get some money in January I'm gonna put some of that towards my savings.

Oh, question. What do ya'll know about interenet banks? I know some of them get a whole lot more interest than regular banks but that's pretty much all I know. How would you deposit money? would my money be safe?

Between a headache and a hard place

December 8th, 2008 at 04:17 pm

This is the second time I've written this blog. The other one was kind of random. I'm watching House Sitter in TV and its kind of distracting. Well, long blog made short, my budget is strecthed...a lot. I mean, I should not be spending money right now unless its at the dollar store and even then it should be on sale...if that's possible. Well, I'm getting by (stealing toilet paper from my mom's house helped a lot...yeah,...I'll pay her back) Now, my car is acting up. Stoopid car...I know it was just waiting...holding out for the right moment to royally tweak me off. It did. I mean, my back window already wont stay up, now my car keeps screaming I have low coolant but when I go to put water in to last me until the next day, none goes in. Its like its full or something. URG! This is annoying!!! I hate my car! I can't wait to get out of debt so I can get back in it with a new car. I don't need something amazing, just something that doesn't explode every week!!!

Stompin' Snakes

December 7th, 2008 at 04:48 am

Sorry I haven't written in two days. I do occasionally have things to do (and these are happy occasions) and today happened to be my boyfriend and I's one year. Yayness! We have been going around for a whole year celebrating 'month-aversaries' like little grade-schoolers and we can finally say Anniversary!!! WWWHHHOOOOOTTTT!

One thing did make it sad though....Alabama lost.....*cries*

We technically celebrated it yesterday. He took me to the restaurant we had our 1 month date. I was also broke back then so we celebrated it the same way we did before. Feel free to copy this great date idea. We went to a dollar store and had a total of ten dollars (well, 11 including tax) and bought ten gifts for each other. They are totally silly stuff like, I bought him a stuff warthog and a flashlight shaped like a pig, stuff like that. The rules are no one is allowed to see the gifts until we exchange them later. If we see each other on the aisle we have to hide our handbaskets and someone has to sneak off. We also have to explain why we bought the gift, it doesn't have to be serious because the gifts are goofy. My reason was, "everyone should have a stuffed warthog!!" It was fun, I was actually looking forward to that more than the fancy restaurant we ate at. I mean, don't get me wrong...I was really hungry. Today I had to wrok so when I got off we watched the Alabama/Florida game.....*sigh*....then he took me to Bennigens!!! Yay! Two dinners in a row=best boyfriend ever! Oh, and he treats me good. Now you understand why the toaster?

Well, on to financial jargen. I have been getting a lot of advice on how I should try and get rid of my debt. I am, as politely as possible, going to say ppphhhbbbttt! to all of it. I have taken it into account and, in no way am I saying 'pppphhhhbbbttt!' to your advice, just the people who originally came up with it. Like Ramsey or whoever the hell. I mean, yeah, they all work in theory but I'm picking which debt I'm paying and how/when because I am taking into account the amount of money, other than debt payments, I'm gonna have to spend that month to survive. Some months I'm gonna work more than others, some months I have more I have to do for college/work/family that may cost more. Some months I have family birthdays every freakin week of december and I'm beginning to think its a conspiracy!!!!!!!....okay...ummm...Yeah, but you get the idea...It's maddening! Yeah, so that's why I'm paying off my debt the way I am. Screw those 'experts' because what may work perfectly for them may not work for a single mom with four kids, a suddenly divorced retiree, or an exceedingly good looking psychology major at a certain university who only works on the weekends. I mean, you never know. It's my personal opinion that those 'financial experts' are only 'experts' because they don't have a lot of friends and needed to call themselves that so you will think they are cool. Not like us, we are cool. We have friends. I mean, I could be wrong...But I doubt it.

P.s. I still hate monkeys.

ode to not thinking

December 5th, 2008 at 04:14 am

Well, I did it. I make such a fuss about saving and swear to myself that I'm gonna pay all my bills and in one hour I spend almost all of my check. I get 73.88$ a week and I spent all of it except for 16.00$ I am actually shocked. When I added it up it just didn't seem right. I mean, huh? I bought lunch for me and my boyfriend since he is sweet enough to offer to pay for dinner on our anniversary. Then I had to have my picture with santa...It's become kind of a thing with me. I hate christmas, I mean, can't stand it. The jollies and ho ho hos...yeah, I don't do that. I see no reason to celebrate a fat man who is beaking and entering and eating my cookies. I went through the trouble of baking those and he just thinks he can eat all he wants. Santa, I don't care if you bribe me with toys to keep it quiet, you tocuh my milanos and its O-V. Yet, for whatever reason, I have been obsessed with getting pictures with Santa. I'm a little grown and take up over half his lap but its well worth it. I knew my mom would love it if my boyfriend and I got a picture with Santa so we did. I was right, she adored it. She kept laughing and for some strange reason my dad wanted one too. I mean, my dad usually doesn't get into that stuff. He's more of the, 'I will stab you if you hurt my daughter' type. It is kind of annoying when you've been in collge...for awhile.

I got a bit off subject there. Okay, you got lunch, and you got santa pictures and you got me paying a victoria's secret bill. And finally you got me left with sixteen dollars. I am extremely annoyed with myself. Well, I guess, on the bright side I have already paid three bills this month and its only the first week.


getting cash & losing weight

December 4th, 2008 at 12:35 am

Okay, ya'll know I don't have a social life when I'm writing three blogs in one day.

I have decided how I'm gonna do my twenty dollar challenge!! This idea came from me eating a pint of banana split ice cream followed by chinese food....yeah, I'm grossed out too. And I ate it!! Well, I need to get down to around 150 pounds but I'm bad about not exercising long enough. I usually burn about 200 calories and I'm done. Yeah, its pathetic. I know, I could pull the whole 'but I work and study and pretend to have a social life!' but I ain't gonna pull that on ya'll. The fact is that I'm lazy as all get out and would rather watch Clean House all day than get off my ever growing booty and lose some weight.

I have decided that for every 1,000 calories I burn I'm gonna gift myself 20$ to go into one of my three saving areas. Maybe I'll divide it up or something.

Ha! I loves it!

December 3rd, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Someone wrote a comment on one of my blogs that here I can get some financial C.P.R. Ha!!! I loves it!! (Inspiration for the title) Whoever you are (I...uh...forgot to check the screen name...sorry about that) you made me smile. ^_^

Okay, since I've been gone I took an exam and ate some not needed chinese food (so high in calories!!) and gave my boyfriend my blog url *gulp* and came up with a blog idea. I have given myself little goals, as you can probably see by the nice little side bar there. I have only made it up for five months (technically four since december is focused on just getting by...that and paying down Victoria's)

Okay, here is my plan. Try to stay with me, now. I pay those credit cards off the month I say I will. I know, I know, its pretty revolutionary as far as plans go but I think its worth a shot. Notice I haven't picked some of the more expensive ones like my car and 1fbusa? Well, that's because right now I still haven't got the hours I want at work and I need to also focus on opening a savings account. That's kind of important. Also this works because Firestone has the most interest on it. It goes up 36$ every month. Total suckage. Yep, it dies first.

Now, I have this happy little section called incentives. This may make some of you frown but there are a couple of things I would like to get on that list before I'm out of debt. Obviously a new car and apartment wouldn't be one of them but a girl needs a reward every now and then. My boyfriend really wants an xbox 360 and, well, so do I, so we decided we would split the cost and get this together. No nay-sayers allowed in the comment section because this is a big step for me. I'm not exactly a commetment friendly girl and this will be the first thing that I have bought together with a boyfriend. This is a big step for me and for us as a relationship so I'm not changing my mind on this one. Now, I plan on going halfsies on this in January but that will be after I give my last check to Firestone.

This may sound totally stoopid to a lot of ya'll but I'm really happy with my decision. I'm not saying I'm gonna get something every month. That would be wasteful of my paychecks!! Besides, I don't really want all that much. Also, I should be getting some money in January because I got some extra scholarships. I'm not sure how much yet but I'm sure it should cover some of my debt.

OOOhhh!! I can't wait!!! I'm paying my debt off! I'm paying my debt off! Come one people, do the happy dance with me!

December Goal 2008

December 3rd, 2008 at 07:11 pm

1) Get my Victoria's Secret credit card down to 524.99$ (in other words pay fifty dollars on it. Hey, its the x-mas season! What do you expect?)[FAILED! Well, I did the math and this goal is not gonna be reached. I have way too much to pay for this month and I can't fit this one in. poo.]

2) Buy the rest of these stupid presents...I'm turning into the grinch here [DONE!!]

3) Get some extra hours at work [DONE!]

4) Finish reading all my books!!! [DONE!]

5) Clean out my car (its like a seperate bedroom at this point)[DONE!]

6) Shred all my old bills [DONE!]

7) Clean the clutter out of my life [DONE!]

8) Survive the family gathering that comes with the holidays. [DONE!]

9) Pay back my boyfriend [DONE!]

10) Get a picture with Santa!!!! [DONE!]

hell day and thanks ya'll for helping me!!

December 3rd, 2008 at 04:52 pm

For those of you who don't know the fun and excitement of losing your social life to textbooks, there is a week of school called Hell Week. Some people refer to this week whenever they have exams such as the first exam, midterms, and finals. Myself, I usually only complain about it when its finals because my final exam usually determines if I have an A or B or B or C (depending on if the class is math). This semester is kind of weird in that all of my exams, save one for next week, are today. I just totally aced one. I mean, I took that sucker in five minutes. I knew all those questions!! True, it was a health exam but I'm all over carbohydrates! Yeah, Boyh!

Okay, back to the reason I was writing this lovely piece of...uh...text. I would like to thank Koppur, Petunia, and Whitestripe for clearing up a little confusion. If there is any info I can give ya'll feel free to ask. If I dunno what the heck to tell ya'll I'll find someone who does. Ya'll did a totally rock star job explaining the twenty dollar challenge to me. Now to decide how I'm gonna do it. hhhmmm....I'm not much of a sells person. Besides, my family is so broke they wouldn't buy anything and living in the ghetto, people wonder why you are knocking on their door. I would give myself twenty bucks whenever Alabama won a football game but their last game is saturday and if I did that ya'll know all my money would be going to savings. Hhhheeeeyyy! Crimson baby!! Yeah, I dunno...I'll have to think about that one.

I was gonna write about debt and the pressure and the stupid mistakes and Dave's tips and monkeys and all that but my baby wants me to go eat luch with him and that man makes my insides jump out of toasters so that's what I'm gonna do. I'll be back later so, in the meantime, ya'll stay fresh.

....By the way, I hate monkeys.


December 3rd, 2008 at 12:52 am

To answer some questions:

My name is not Missy but it really should be. Not a big fan of the seven letters my family put together to make up my name. Every girl on my mom's side has the same name. Family reunions suck. I am twenty years old and a sophmore at the money sucking institute known only as college. Yes, I do have a job but, because of my school scheduale (it runs all day. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, it sucks) I am limited to wroking on the weekends. This currently has my income limited to exactly 73.88$ a week. Hopefully it will be going up because I'm expected to take on another case. Oh, yeah, I work in a nursing home as an adult sitter. It rules. Way better than fast food...I should know.

On a side note, people, please be nicer to the people who make your food. Their jobs suck worst than whatever bad day you may be having and half the time they are standing for six hours on end and dealing with ungrateful little pricks trying to get a free meal. They do not mess up your food on purpose, unless, of course, you're an a**. Then yeah, they totally did that on purpose. You deserved it though. Shouldn't have been an a**. Just smile next time, ask them to give a tip to the cook, tell them what a great job they are doing. It goes along way because, at the end of the day when they are soaking their feet and talking on their phones, they are talking about you. If you were a prick. They'll remember. And they'll make sure you get an extra moist hamburger.

Okay, question for ya'll:
What is the twenty dollar challenge? I was poking my happy-little-non-existant-social-life around the site and saw something about it. Sadly, not enough info. Do I save twenty dollars from every check? Do I not buy anything above twenty dollars? I'm totally confused. If anyone can help me I'll totally give you a shout out and try to help you out too. I mean, if you wanna know anything about psychology, I'm your psych major. I also know some pretty entertaining random facts. Always fun at parties.

The never ending cycle

December 2nd, 2008 at 07:54 pm

Okay, I'm gonna get off this subject for one second. I'm thinking of what to write in my little blog here and I have the TV on. Suddenly I hear this commercial about the Bowflex and this guy says 'I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends.' That immediately gave me a sour face. I mean, wtf mate? Its been my experience that people who were once overweight don't go around calling other people fat. Plus, that's just rude. I mean, I'm not the skinniest of individuals...besides, he didn't give me any clothes. I'd love to meet this dude. I'll tell him what he can do with that bowflex.

Back on subject! Being in debt is poopy to say the least but I'm noticing a vicious cycle going on here. All my money goes to my credit card debt. I don't have any money to buy things when they brake and they are necessary to my money making, say, oh, fixing my car. Therefore I have to apply for a new credit card. Usually I am then turned down because I have had debt for too long on one card. I am sure this is a conspiracy. A crazy crazy conspiracy. I'm sure Mr. Credit 'The Man' Card is up in his office laughing hysterically as I run around like a mouse in a maze. I just keep getting shocks looking for that little piece of yummy cheese. I just hope its sargento. mmmmm....sargento.... I'm gonna stop applying for credit cards today though. I don't need anymore and I'm sick of owing so much.

On another note, I told my boyfriend that I've started this blog but I'm a little scared to give him the link. I mean, he knows I'm in debt but I think when he sees the numbers he will pass out or something. We are still in college so its not like this is a call off deal or anything but I really don't want him leering over me making sure I get all this paid. I mean, You should see him when I'm sick. Every twenty minutes he pops up and tells me 'DRINK JUICE!!!' he's like clock work. I can only imagine what he would be like if I showed him my cards.

Besides, I really want to get through this on my own. If I can bury myself and can figure out a way to climb out! I saw Kill Bill! Just gotta know how to do that punch. yeah. Also that freecreditreport commercial where the guy is upset that he married a chick with debt really got to me. I was like, 'Oh, man! I don't want anyone to regret being with me!' Actually it had much more obscenities than that but I don't want to be offensive to anyone. Sorry, ya'll!

As to what I'm going to do right now...
well, right now is a little tight because its the holidaze and let me tell, that's not the 'most wonderful time of the year' when you are up to your neck in bills every month. I only have four people left to buy for and I only plan on spending a total of fifty dollars on that. My big plan is to get down to half of my credit limit on all my cards. I'm gonna focus on victoria's this month because I just need to pay 40$ and I'll be on my fifty yard mark. I can do that this month!...I hope.

Well, Ya'll stay fresh and I'm gonna figure out what I can do on this website.

Insert witty title here

December 2nd, 2008 at 04:41 am

Welcome to 'My near debt experience: One girl's battle with those 3@!% which are the credit card companies' just in case you didn't happen to look up at the title. Okay, I haven't actually fought with the credit card companies. I've been late on a payment a total of three times and once was their fault not mine. Still, anyone who has debt can understand when I say that we are in a battle every day. We slowly start defining ourselves by our debt. We are no longer 'Mr. Joseph Simmons' we instead become 'Mr. 34,000'. It sucks. Hard. I mean, I can't count the number of times I have lost sleep because of this stupid number hanging over my head.

I actually just discovered this site today and thought to myself 'hey, why not. You do nothing but think about those numbers all day anyway. Go ahead and b*%$# about it.' I'm not sure what to write in my first entry but I was really suprised writing down how much I owe. I mean, I haven't seen it all spread about before me before. Some of these cards I have paid off before and its pretty pathetic that I'm right back into debt again. Well,...maybe this will help me get focused...God, I hope so.