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getting cash & losing weight

December 4th, 2008 at 12:35 am

Okay, ya'll know I don't have a social life when I'm writing three blogs in one day.

I have decided how I'm gonna do my twenty dollar challenge!! This idea came from me eating a pint of banana split ice cream followed by chinese food....yeah, I'm grossed out too. And I ate it!! Well, I need to get down to around 150 pounds but I'm bad about not exercising long enough. I usually burn about 200 calories and I'm done. Yeah, its pathetic. I know, I could pull the whole 'but I work and study and pretend to have a social life!' but I ain't gonna pull that on ya'll. The fact is that I'm lazy as all get out and would rather watch Clean House all day than get off my ever growing booty and lose some weight.

I have decided that for every 1,000 calories I burn I'm gonna gift myself 20$ to go into one of my three saving areas. Maybe I'll divide it up or something.