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a collection agency question

March 25th, 2009 at 04:10 pm

Well, I called the psychology place that I owe that 160$ to and they told me that they had sent the bill to the collection agency. Great, they wont return someone's weekly phone calls for three months but they are more than happy to send the bill over to the collection agency *rolls eyes*. Well, I asked the girl if I could still come over to the doctor's office and pay the amount and she said sure. I went over there. I wrote a check and made sure I got a receipt and then I asked since I paid them would I still have to pay the collection agency because I haven't recieved any letter or anything from them. She said she didn't know but I could call the doctor's billing office. Now, that's the same lady who refused to answer any of my phone calls. I wanted to make a complaint about that lady but I have no idea who to complain too. Okay, I'm probably getting confusing.

My question is, the psychology doctor's office place sent the bill over to the collection agency but still allowed me to pay them directly. Now, I haven't recieved a letter from the collection agency yet so will I still have to pay the collection agency? Also, how bad will this hurt my credit if at all?

Please read. Have no idea what I'm doing. Need advice

March 14th, 2009 at 04:08 am

Okay, this is the whole story:
A few months ago I had to go to a psychologist for some school thing that had to do with disability or whatever. Then he wanted me to take this test but said our insurance wouldn't cover it and it was 200$. We politely said no and then the following month got a happy bill saying 'your insurance has been filed. Please pay 140$. Thanks' that's seriously all it said. Didn't say why. Nothing.

We assume its a mix-up and call and leave a message asking what the bill is for. They never call back. For the next three months I get a bill and they charge me extra. I keep calling asking what the bill is for. They don't call back. When I got a bill last month I told them that I have repeatedly called and never recieved any reply and if I get another bill with no reason why I will view it as harrassment and get my lawyer. It was mostly talk to get them to call back but they didn't.

I get a bill for this month and I scream lawyer so loud I think I broke their machine. TWO days later they finally call back and say 'oh, your insurance didn't cover the visit' why the heck couldn't they say that before?!

Okay, I know I probably should have gone down to the office or paid the bill without knowing what it was for (which I have a problem with btw) but I'm seriously ticked that they didn't even try to get in contact with me and tell me what this bill was over when I called them every other week.

My dad wants me to fight the new charge of 190$ and tell them that since they refused to get in contact with me, we don't see that we have to pay. I dunno. I have a feeling that it wont work. Has anyone had experience with this? Did I screw myself over with not going down there?

good ole ramen noodles

March 14th, 2009 at 04:04 am

Well, I did a very exciting thing today. I bought groceries for the rest of the month for a total of 8.28$. It would get a '!' but it was ramen noodles and a loaf of bread so no '!' for you mr. sentence. I also bought gas for fifteen dollars and was approached by my favorite gas station loiterer, dude-who-tries-to-sell-me-stolen-goods. He always comes up to me in a hoodie and tells me about how his cousin 'got this camera' or his cousin 'got this iphone' as a gift and didn't want it. Today he was talking about these cds his cousin got. Man, his cousin needs to learn to be a little more frugal. I love Memphis though. You can get a discounted camera at a gas station!

yeah, got a little off topic there. I figured out that after I get done paying off this doctor's bill and all my other payments for this month I'll have a happy little twenty four dollars left. Kind of crappy but dad said I can pop over to his house this week and munch on his food. I'm so taking him up on that.

...Its eleven o'clock at night and I really can't think of anything else to write.

oh, unexpected bills

March 11th, 2009 at 03:33 am

Well, I thought I was doing super good with my little plan and I guess I still am no matter what this bills says. A while ago I had to go to the doctor for some school thing and now I have a happy little bill in my lap that says my insurance didn't cover the visit. Oh, happy days. 190$ of fun. Not too thrilled with this news but I'm not gonna let it phase me. I'm gonna call them tomorrow and see if they will accpet a payment plan since I don't have that money right now. If not, well, I'll figure out something. hoppin' back on the ramen noodle train.

takin' names!!

March 6th, 2009 at 06:24 am

Well, I'm feeling pretty good because I paid 100$ towards my macy's account (bringing it down to 44$) but I'm also a tad nervous because I'm afraid I wrote typed in to pay 1,000$ and I know I don't have that much. It one of those pay online things and there is no 'pending transaction' section where I can see what I typed in. Oh, well. I'm a worry wart anyway so I'm probably freaking out over nothing like when I can't remember if I locked my door so I walk back up ten flights of stairs just so I feel stupid because I did. Oh, and then I worry that perhaps I was mistaken and walk back up. I swear, OCD or something. Anywho, just wanted to type up the happy and let ya'll know I'm kicking butt and taking names. This one happened to be Macy's. It's like 12:23 in the morning and I really should be getting to bed (but I'm probably gonna play video games...I'm such a loser) so later!

Don't call it a come back-I've been here for years

March 4th, 2009 at 03:02 pm

Had, to add that as a blog title. Not only did it apply; its an awesome song. Always makes me laugh. Well, I just wanted to announce that I'm back on the kicking butt and taking names scene. I faltered for a bit but that's okay because I hopped up before it got bad. I have a lot to do these next few months and be prepared to hear me gripe about how much I hate my life with debt but there will be cake at the end so you can be happy about that. Alright, now to figure out a game plan.

Over the course of the summer I'm gonna have to get out of as much debt as possible while also raising enough money to get a new car. Not gonna be easy but I think it'll be totally least I hope.