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Another card bites the dust!

April 7th, 2009 at 03:32 pm

I paid off Macy's today!! Yay!! Okay, well, it had a super low balance and was my smallest minimum payment so I guess its not cause for too much celebration but I'm still super happy! It totally rocks!!!

Those Wacky Credit Card Companies

January 12th, 2009 at 07:13 pm

Guess who just canceled a credit card?! MmmmeeeeEEEEE!!! I payed off credit one, as I promised myself this month, and called credit one to cancel my card. I got a very nice Indian dude and he asked why I wanted to cancel my card. I politely, since he was so nice, told him that I wanted to be cash only and had too many credit cards and wanted to cancel them. He then proceded to tell me the benefits of keeping the card and I told him thanks but no. He then asked what my reason was for canceling. Polite but dumb.

I am so glad I canceled the card. It like, made me pay 5 bucks every month just to own it. Forget that! They should be paying me for giving them so much money! I am one step closer to getting out of this damn maze and eating that sargento cheese! (reference to previous blog) mmmmm sargento....

Done screaming

January 8th, 2009 at 11:43 pm

Okay, I am so happy right now. I got my money that I have been waiting for. All 2,294.??$ of it. Its totally wicked awesome if I do say so myself. Plus, I get a paycheck tomorrow so boo yah! Okay, so I have paid off capital one, firestone, and I'm about to pay off credit one but they have some stupid crap about charging me ten bucks for paying online and they are sending me my paper bill monday so I'm gonna wait till then. I ain't given them any extra cash, they are going downtown! And they are gonna live there! In a crummy apartment! And a Super named Ed! Yeah! Eat that! Oh, and then I paid back my grandpa, I just need to pick up some envelopes so I can mail it. I also got my, well, our (my boyfriend and I's) xbox 360. He's playing it right now. He looks so cute....awww....My insides are popping out of toasters again.

I also bought some laundry detergent! Ya'll know I'm happy about that! I was down to like one pair of pants, one tee, and a pair of socks (one small, one two sizes too big). Oh, I can't wait to pay off credit one!!! This is so exciting!!! I'm finally giving it to the man! I can't wait to kick him in the groin for conviencing me credit cards were a great idea. Its comin...its comin...

Well, I'm gonna go back to balancing check books and doin' what I do best...whatever that happens to be. Stay fresh ya'll!!!


January 3rd, 2009 at 12:35 am

I did so good today! Okay, for those of you good enough to read my blog you know I have been struggling with not spending my money on play pretties. Today I went to Gordman's to make a payment on my account and decided that I would wander around the store a little bit and see what kind of sales they were having. Now, I understand this is sort of like having a steak in front of a starving man or driving a beer truck in front of fraternity guys but I did it anyway. I peeked at the clothes, saw some great buys, even tried on a few but decided no. Mainly because I looked like a beached whale in it. Some girls may pull of the whale look but not me.

I actually went to every part of the store and looked at a whole lot of stuff but ended up not buying anything. Amazeing huh? Everytime I thought I should take advantage of this deal I would remind myself that I don't have the money to take advantage of the deal.

More people should try dealing with their spending that way. Maybe I should sell this advice. I would revolutionize financial advice!

Okay, sarcasm aside, ya'll have a good night and don't spend too much this new year.


December 15th, 2008 at 08:49 pm

I got more hours at work!!!! I have another extra five hours at work a week!! I start it after new years which is poopy but its still an extra five hours!!! YAY!! Oh, and my boss is keeping an eye out for another case for me!!!!! WHOOT!!!

Ode to the christmas crowd

December 13th, 2008 at 07:54 pm

I dunno how ya'll's towns do christmas but mine is pretty insane. I live in Memphis and its like, as soon as november hits peoplke go insane! Its like the end of the world and they only way you will survive is buying everything in arms length. I haven't been to the mall in awhile. I actually try to avoid it around this time because just driving near a mall is hell on earth. Yesterday a friend of mine came in from out of town and she wanted to go shopping because she heard that the mall had some good deals. I decided that was okay because I need to finish some last minute christmas shopping (this is last minute to me).

Oh, I wish we hadn't gone. It was insane and rude and absolutely crazy. I could have slapped several mom's shopping for their children. The soccer mom's need to keep it on the field. If they don't, this is Memphis and they are just begging for a beat down. I mean, I went to public schools and don't think I'm too grown up to forget that. That's an attitude that never leaves.

The good news is I'm totally done christmas shopping! At least for this month. I promised my boyfriend a movie in his gift but I let him know he may not get it until a little later. I'm not going back out in that. Hopefully he understands. I got my mom a desk set and wanted to get her a matching notepad to go with it but I think I'll end up getting her some bath stuff because I still have some from my avon days and need to get rid of it. At least I wont have to go to the mall again!

Oh, happy days!

One goal reached

December 13th, 2008 at 07:07 pm

Well, I have been trying to get more hours at work and I finally succedded. 'Bout time! I got a nine hour case every other sunday and I start tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward ti it because every other sunday with someone who has alzheimers is generally a bad idea. Not to blow my own horn but alzheimers is my speciality. I am very good at dealing with people who have this problem because it takes a LOT of patience. Most people don't have what it takes and end up quitting or the family fires them because they upset the patient.

The bad part about this is, if her alzheimers is as bad as my paper work makes out, then I'm in for a time every other sunday. She is not gonna remember me and that can cause some problems. Panic is never a good thing. Well, sometimes its a good thing but definately not in this situation.

The good part about this: I get paid ten dollars and hour. I mean, I get paid that much anyway but an extra nine hours is not gonna hurt me. I'm not super excited about this job, as ya'll can probably tell by my previous paragraph. I mean, I would rather get a case that's every other weekend not every other sunday but I plan on sticking with it...I mean, at least until I get my debt in better standing and save a little.

If I can get, oh, all my debt paid besides my 1fbusa and car then I'll move onto another case. My debt will be so much easier to manage that way...I mean, it'll be almost gone so it should be easier to manage.