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great new car; horrible new debt part 2

April 25th, 2009 at 11:26 pm

Well, after phone stalking my own house I finally got ahold of my mom (don't you hate it when no one answers?) and finally got to talk to her about what each one of us is paying on this wonderful new car of mine. She agreed to half of it so I'm only gonna pay 10,000$ for this car. That's not a bad deal in my opinion. She also said I wouldn't have to pay rent when I moved back in so that adds another fifty in my wallet that I'm thinking will go towards my car or I'll actually allow myself to live on something other than ramen noodles.

On the bad news side, my job still hasn't found me another client to work with. I would absolutely love the extra hours and I'm getting a little nervouse. My big plan was to pay off three credit cards this summer (one for each of my summer months. My summer starts in two weeks by the way and you have no idea what its like getting a client in my job. You pretty much need to let them know you are looking two months in advance...which I did.) but it doesn't look like that's happening. Not unless I have a huge yardsale or something. Maybe I can sell one of my legs or something. How much does a leg go for?

Great new car; horrible new debt

April 24th, 2009 at 05:52 pm

Well, my old car finally died and I had to get a new one. My new car is a 2009 Honda fit sport and I love it. What I don't love about it is the new debt of 20,000$. Yeah, I probably should have got a cheaper car but my mom, who said this was gonna be a gift, insisted I get a brand new car that was safe. She kept insisting that this was the only time she could afford to buy me a car and I should get one I want. As soon as I get the paperwork signed is when she announces to me that this was a gift in that she'll pay for some of it. I am a tad bit pissed. If I knew she was gonna do this I would have waited until August and have worked overtime to save up money. *sigh* oh well. Its done with now I guess. I'm gonna sit down with her today and figure out what "I'll pay for some of it" means. Exactly how much is that? Half of it? a thousand dollars? Five bucks? I'm a little ticked. Just a little.

Well, I tried.

April 10th, 2009 at 08:05 pm

I had the plan to pay off two credit cards this month but after paying off one and a little on the other I realized that if I don't take a break I'm gonna go postal. I have decided to pay off seventy dollars of firestone this month so that way I'll bring it down to 100$ which I can pay off next month. The good part about this is, every extra payment I make on this card will count toward the next month. Its awesome! I can pay ten dollars for three weeks and that's no payments for three months. I wish my other cards were like that.

I would feel kinda guilty about going back on my plan but I don't. I'm so buntout and fed up with everything that, if I don't put some money aside just for me to treat myself with, I'll probably snap. Sucks when you don't earn a lot. I hope I like my summer case because I'm counting on it to get me out of the majority of this debt and keep me sane all in one go.

Hope ya'lls month is going a bit better than mine. This month is Memphis's rainy month so lots of wind, one day its cold, next its hot, and tornadoes should be popping up soon. Fun stuff.

Feeling a little better

April 9th, 2009 at 05:27 pm

Well, I feel a lot better after ranting. I usually do. I have already talked to my boss about getting more hours during the summer which sucks because I hate my job so much but rules because this is probably the only job I'm gonna find with my inexperience that pays so well. I could actually live off this job. If I wasn't limited on hours due to school of course. My plan is to bear with it during the summer and get out of debt in three months. I know its gonna totally blow but I'm preparing for it. It'll be worth it in the end. I just gotta believe it.

I have a month left of classes and feel like I'm kinda scrapping by. I'm in statistics and I swear that's the hardest class in the world. In hell, they'll make you run data. They also won't give you a computer. I have managed to keep a C in that class and, although its my own personal pledge not to accept any grade lower than a B, I'll be very happy with a C.

I'm also in the process of moving back in with my mom. Totally sucks when you have already lived on your own for a year but she needs help with the bills and, in the long run, it'll cost me less in rent.

Paying off Macy's felt great and now I'm in the process of paying off firestone. I really want two cards out of the way for this month. Macy's didn't have a lot left on it so firestone should go too. This takes a lot of dedication on my part and is slightly annoying but I really wanna be out of debt by August. In August I should be getting around 4,000$. I could just wait till then and pay off my debt but I really need a new computer and would like to have a larger emergency fund since my happy 18$ wont cut it if I lose my job.

Well, I think I've ranted enough. I gotta go to class in a few minutes.


April 8th, 2009 at 06:46 pm

Ever felt like you aren't making any progress? I have this little plan all layed out and I don't ever seem able to follow through with it. Either something comes up or...or...well, something just stands in the way. Currently, I'm suffering from burnout from life. I am working really hard to make sure I can reach all my goals in an orderly fashion and in the process I'm burning myself out on everything. I just don't seem to know what I want anymore. I know I wanna finish school and become a psychologist but all the stuff in the meantime I'm not sure about.

I hate my job with a such a passion its becoming retarded. Don't get me wrong, its very rewarding, its just...I hate it. I hate having to get up early, I hate being treated like a slave by the family members of the people I'm helping and I hate not being appreciated. I hate my bills. I'm not even in a lot of debt and I can't seem to get out of it. Its like a freakin' pit. I hate my social life, or I should say a lack of.

I'm just burntout on everything. Definately not a good place to be. Well, at least school is ending for the semester and I'll have a three month break. Oh wait, I have to work full time at my job I can't stand in hopes I'll get out of debt by august. Joy of joys. Sigh...sometimes you just gotta let it out.

a collection agency question

March 25th, 2009 at 04:10 pm

Well, I called the psychology place that I owe that 160$ to and they told me that they had sent the bill to the collection agency. Great, they wont return someone's weekly phone calls for three months but they are more than happy to send the bill over to the collection agency *rolls eyes*. Well, I asked the girl if I could still come over to the doctor's office and pay the amount and she said sure. I went over there. I wrote a check and made sure I got a receipt and then I asked since I paid them would I still have to pay the collection agency because I haven't recieved any letter or anything from them. She said she didn't know but I could call the doctor's billing office. Now, that's the same lady who refused to answer any of my phone calls. I wanted to make a complaint about that lady but I have no idea who to complain too. Okay, I'm probably getting confusing.

My question is, the psychology doctor's office place sent the bill over to the collection agency but still allowed me to pay them directly. Now, I haven't recieved a letter from the collection agency yet so will I still have to pay the collection agency? Also, how bad will this hurt my credit if at all?

Please read. Have no idea what I'm doing. Need advice

March 14th, 2009 at 04:08 am

Okay, this is the whole story:
A few months ago I had to go to a psychologist for some school thing that had to do with disability or whatever. Then he wanted me to take this test but said our insurance wouldn't cover it and it was 200$. We politely said no and then the following month got a happy bill saying 'your insurance has been filed. Please pay 140$. Thanks' that's seriously all it said. Didn't say why. Nothing.

We assume its a mix-up and call and leave a message asking what the bill is for. They never call back. For the next three months I get a bill and they charge me extra. I keep calling asking what the bill is for. They don't call back. When I got a bill last month I told them that I have repeatedly called and never recieved any reply and if I get another bill with no reason why I will view it as harrassment and get my lawyer. It was mostly talk to get them to call back but they didn't.

I get a bill for this month and I scream lawyer so loud I think I broke their machine. TWO days later they finally call back and say 'oh, your insurance didn't cover the visit' why the heck couldn't they say that before?!

Okay, I know I probably should have gone down to the office or paid the bill without knowing what it was for (which I have a problem with btw) but I'm seriously ticked that they didn't even try to get in contact with me and tell me what this bill was over when I called them every other week.

My dad wants me to fight the new charge of 190$ and tell them that since they refused to get in contact with me, we don't see that we have to pay. I dunno. I have a feeling that it wont work. Has anyone had experience with this? Did I screw myself over with not going down there?

good ole ramen noodles

March 14th, 2009 at 04:04 am

Well, I did a very exciting thing today. I bought groceries for the rest of the month for a total of 8.28$. It would get a '!' but it was ramen noodles and a loaf of bread so no '!' for you mr. sentence. I also bought gas for fifteen dollars and was approached by my favorite gas station loiterer, dude-who-tries-to-sell-me-stolen-goods. He always comes up to me in a hoodie and tells me about how his cousin 'got this camera' or his cousin 'got this iphone' as a gift and didn't want it. Today he was talking about these cds his cousin got. Man, his cousin needs to learn to be a little more frugal. I love Memphis though. You can get a discounted camera at a gas station!

yeah, got a little off topic there. I figured out that after I get done paying off this doctor's bill and all my other payments for this month I'll have a happy little twenty four dollars left. Kind of crappy but dad said I can pop over to his house this week and munch on his food. I'm so taking him up on that.

...Its eleven o'clock at night and I really can't think of anything else to write.

oh, unexpected bills

March 11th, 2009 at 03:33 am

Well, I thought I was doing super good with my little plan and I guess I still am no matter what this bills says. A while ago I had to go to the doctor for some school thing and now I have a happy little bill in my lap that says my insurance didn't cover the visit. Oh, happy days. 190$ of fun. Not too thrilled with this news but I'm not gonna let it phase me. I'm gonna call them tomorrow and see if they will accpet a payment plan since I don't have that money right now. If not, well, I'll figure out something. hoppin' back on the ramen noodle train.

takin' names!!

March 6th, 2009 at 06:24 am

Well, I'm feeling pretty good because I paid 100$ towards my macy's account (bringing it down to 44$) but I'm also a tad nervous because I'm afraid I wrote typed in to pay 1,000$ and I know I don't have that much. It one of those pay online things and there is no 'pending transaction' section where I can see what I typed in. Oh, well. I'm a worry wart anyway so I'm probably freaking out over nothing like when I can't remember if I locked my door so I walk back up ten flights of stairs just so I feel stupid because I did. Oh, and then I worry that perhaps I was mistaken and walk back up. I swear, OCD or something. Anywho, just wanted to type up the happy and let ya'll know I'm kicking butt and taking names. This one happened to be Macy's. It's like 12:23 in the morning and I really should be getting to bed (but I'm probably gonna play video games...I'm such a loser) so later!

Don't call it a come back-I've been here for years

March 4th, 2009 at 03:02 pm

Had, to add that as a blog title. Not only did it apply; its an awesome song. Always makes me laugh. Well, I just wanted to announce that I'm back on the kicking butt and taking names scene. I faltered for a bit but that's okay because I hopped up before it got bad. I have a lot to do these next few months and be prepared to hear me gripe about how much I hate my life with debt but there will be cake at the end so you can be happy about that. Alright, now to figure out a game plan.

Over the course of the summer I'm gonna have to get out of as much debt as possible while also raising enough money to get a new car. Not gonna be easy but I think it'll be totally least I hope.

off track

February 15th, 2009 at 04:55 pm

Well, not exactly standing where I would like to at this paticular moment in time. I mean, my relationship is wonderful, I'm seeing my family more than I usually do, I'm actually making good grades (pending monday's stats exam) but all my plans for lessening the ole' financial burden has somewhat gone off course. I dunno how it happened but I have once again become addicted to credit cards.

Hello, my name is Missy and I have a spending problem.

Alright, should definately give myself a little credit. Just a teensy bit. I'm not going and saying 'hey, I got thirty dollars left on this one! Lets blow it!' like I was before but I did start putting a bit of money on my newly freed capital one card. Needless to say I'm a weensy but frustrated in myself.

I no longer have any get out of debt plan which seemed to please so many readers, all of whom I love (we should really get together for tea), but on the other hand I do have twenty dollars in my savings which is an account I didn't even have before! excitement!

Well, I now want to end this blog because Bridget Jones's diary: The edge of reason is now on tv and I don't have a very good attention thingy...sperated...doing two time...yeah so.........bye.

slightly overwhelmed

February 5th, 2009 at 06:42 pm

Well, I'm getting that old familiar 'you will never get out of debt' feeling that I'm sure we have all had. I think I get mine way too much for someone with so little debt but its still there. I think I'm feeling this way because I did so good paying things off ahead of time and then got myself into trouble and had to use those cards. None too happy about that but I accept it. That's my only choice afterall. I thought about changing my plan for getting out of debt once again but I've decided against it. True, I wont have much money to blow this month but I don't really need to blow money anyway. Man, its gonna suck these next few months! Alright, time to swallow the big girl pill. I mean, I'm getting tax money back (its only 100 dollars but that's still good, right? At least I'm not paying money.) I know, I know, I don't have a lot of debt nor do these cards have a whole lot on them. Okay, I'll stop my whining and let ya'll get back to your lives. Sometimes you just need to write it all out or suffer explosion. Ya know?

A slip up

January 30th, 2009 at 04:02 pm

Well, I was doing very good until I wasn't. I hate to write this down but I actually charged something to my capital one card. I felt so free and I go an charge something to it. Oh, I could kick myself. I charged an mp3 player and am so angry I haven't even taken it out of the box. Its hidden away in one of my drawers. My uncle kept pushing me to get it before it stopped being on sale and I charged it. UUUURRRRRGGGGGG!!!! Well, I promised myself that I'm not even gonna look at it until I pay it off. Stupid choices. I haven't even writen a blog about it because I'm so embarrased. Too bad I can't return it.

the small cost of higher learning

January 17th, 2009 at 04:20 am

I can't remember who suggested to me for buying textbooks but whoever you are, you deserve a cookie! Go ahead, grab yourself one! I am totally addicted to that site now. I even bought myself the movie Hero for a dollar. You know I gotta get my Jet Li on. I loved walking into class and hearing people complaining that they spent 109$ on their textbooks and me in the back saying, 'oh really? I bought my book for 17.50$' LOVE IT!! Especially since some of those college students are snooty booties. One chick went to Rhodes before she came to the U of M and she keeps complaining that at Rhodes they don't teach things this way. Know what, honey? Go back to Rhodes. This is the ghetto. We don't care that much. Others (these two senior citz husband and wife) actually thought they should give the proffesor tips on how to teach the class. Okay, just because your sixty and decided to come back to school doesn't mean you should teach it. Its kinda annoying. You aren't the class's parents. I mean, these are the only annoying older people I have ever had in a class. All the other senior citz I have had in classes have been cool as hell! These people are just obnoxious.

Okay, went on a rant there. Sorry about that. I annoy easily when it comes to class rooms. I don't handle obnoxious students well. Yep, never gonna be a teacher.

Anywho! I just wanted to give a shout out to whoever it was that suggested that site to me. I would actually look up the comment and give the name but I'm really lazy today. Its like, nine degrees outside or something and I have been in bed all day. Ya'll know what that does to a girl. Love ya anyway!

How the xbox 360 saved my life

January 15th, 2009 at 02:40 am

Okay, it really didn't. January fools! But it is saving me tons of money and driving me absolutely crazy at the same time.

For those of you who don't read my posts (for shame!) Cuddly Bear and I pitched in together and bought an xbox360. I bought oblivion and he got a couple more games that involve killing not so defenseless AIs. Now, the great thing about this is, my game is huge! I mean, really freakin' huge. Its like an alternative life, I can do whatever the hell I want from live peacefully in my own house and become friends with my neighbors to run around and kill everything that moves. If you think it sounds like I'm trying to sell you the game, its because I am. Its cool. This is good for me because, since there is so much to explore, it keeps my busy and interested and that keeps me from spending money. Always a good thing. I fork over twenty bucks and I'm so amused I don't go shopping.

The bad thing is I have pretty much bent over and kissed my life away to Bethesda (the makers of the game). I don't feel as bad because my boyfriend has pretty much done the same. We are both Oooooing and AAwwwwwing over our new toy which means we are spending a lot more time together. Like right now he is sitting on my feet playing some 'hack up goblins games'. What? feet get cold....

Oh, and for those telling me to feel better soon I say thank you Smile My arm is still somewhat sore but much much better. I actually have full range of motion now. Oh, and getting the car fixed only ended up costing me 300$. I would have rather not payed it...grumble...but thats a lot less than what I expected to pay. Had to put it on my credit card though which sucks but I'll manage. I hope.

That's Life...and it appears its out to get me

January 13th, 2009 at 04:07 pm

Oh, life. Oh crazy, crazy, need-to-take-your-bipolar-meds life. You are full of suprises.

Yesterday I hadn't seen my friend Rachel in awhile so her and I decided to go grab breakfast at IHOP and go shopping. I had some money on the side to get some clothes because I have this crazy thing about owning nothing but summer clothes. My entire closet is full of sundresses and short sleeves and sexy tops that generally are as thin as some of the starlits in hollywood. Well, I went shopping and ended up with great deals. I mean, I was getting gorgous sweaters for six dollars and I splurged on a baby phat shirt for twenty bucks. You can just smell the tension can't you? I'm never this know its going somewhere. Well, after that I went to the OBGYN to get my depo shot. The lady asked if I wanted it in my hip or arm. I had no idea I could get it in my arm and thought that would be perfect since on my hip its right by the edge of my pants and it bruises it. I had a date so I thought that was the best idea.

Getting ready for my date I realized my arm was hurting so bad it became difficult to move. Lukily that was after I got the sweater on and did my hair. Cuddly Bear always drives so I thought I'd be sweet and drive my car. When we were almost there my car started making this horrible horrible noise. I mean, bad. I had no idea what it was and started to panic praying I could get it in a parking lot somewhere. I managed to do that, thankfully and Cuddly Bear and I looked under the hood pretending we knew something about cars. This nice dude came over and took a look and said that my...what's it called had broken. Some kinda pulley. Levey Pulley? Lever Pulley? Whatever. So we walked to the restraunt, my arm became so sore it was almost impossible to move and my mom drove us home.

I got to bed around tweleve and the firealarm went off at three and everyone had to evacuate the building. Fun times.

Well, Cuddly bear is taking me to firestone today to get it fixed and I'm gonna have to put it on my card because I dunno how much books are. Isn't that great? You get out of debt just to get back in it. One day, I'm gonna get that cheese and I will share it with all of you! We will be the little miceys that one!! I like mice Smile That makes my day better just thinking about them.

Love seeing that zero balance

January 9th, 2009 at 04:42 pm

I love seeing that, you owe 0! Nothing! Nada! Zip!! Its really refreshing. I can't wait to pay off credit one. That's three freakin' credit cards in one month! That's amazing! I mean, whoa! Head explody! I got paid today so that means I have 931.97 in my bank account. Now, I have no idea how much my books are gonna cost me so I'm taking five hundred out just to be on the safe side. It must be a conspiracy that textbooks cost that much. What happened to getting them for free!? After the stupid five hundred that leaves me 431.97.

I have already paid a little to credit one (which I now associate with an angry face) so that means I'm gonna owe them around 300. That leaves 131.97 to get groceries, fuel, birthday presents and survive on until next friday. poo.

Well, I guess all my money did go to one place but I'm really happy about it. I mean, money can totally buy you happiness when it goes to your debt.


January 8th, 2009 at 05:50 pm

I got my money in my account!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! I'm gonna pay some bills off!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I'm gonna get an xbox360 with my boyfriend!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I'll write more later!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

The anticipation is killing me

January 7th, 2009 at 11:58 pm

Okay, my school decided to torture me today. They send me a happy little e-mail and in happy little font they write 'your refund has been processed. It should be deposited into your account within five buisness days.' or something to that effect. Anywho, what it meant was that it could take up to five buisnessness days..that's what it said!! Okay, ya'll got that? Its just killing me. Darn you higher education!!!

Yep, got debt to pay off...

2,294.64$ any day now.....


January 7th, 2009 at 04:58 pm

Okay, I am not going to spend any money until friday. I have decided this and there is no turning back! Friday is when I get my big paycheck and I need to pay some bills (I hate saying that) and buy a birthday present. I am so only spending ten dollars on that. If she doesn't like it then she can pay all my bills for the month and I'll buy her something super amazing! Why do people get upset over the amount that you spend on them? I mean, you got something, be happy. It makes me wanna put them in a giant wack-a-mole and beat them on the head with that little hammer.

Well, getting back on track, in order to keep myself from spending money, I have basically locked myself in my room and played video games, watched tv, and exercised. My wonderful cuddly bear of a boyfriend is on a retreat so none of him and my friends work more than is healthy. Its all good though. I need to catch up on my lethargism.


January 3rd, 2009 at 10:51 pm

I am so hating budgets right now. I have sixteen dollars and some cents to last me until thursday and I am so annoyed. Its not because I chose only having sixteen dollars...well, technically, I did because I paid two bills but that's beside the point!! I have enough groceries to last me a week if I ration (this is of course made up mainly of ramen noodles. Oh, ramen noodles, how I hate thee.) I just ate my something yummy which was salad with grilled chicken slices but now I'm out of chicken and I'm still hungry.

I know, I know, whine whine whine b*%$# b*%$# b*%$# but I am so craving cornbread right now. Well, poop.

At least I paid my bills. Stupid, the man!

Rock out!!

January 1st, 2009 at 04:45 pm

Its the New Year!!! Now, I have a love/ hate relationship with the new year. I hate it because it never fails that I always write the old year on my dates for the first couple weeks. I love it because it gives me a chance to fix all the screw ups I have acquired in the past year.

My new year's resolutions for this year are the following:

1) Start my 20$ challenge. That means, everytime I burn 1,000 calories, I give myself twenty dollars.

2) Pay off my debt. I hate debt. It seems to love me. I have to break this off. It wouldn't be fair to my boyfriend.

3) Eat something yummy everyday. Living on my own with debt often leaves me eating nothing but ramen and pbj and that's ending today! I won't go blow money on lobster or anything but I can at least search around for yummier cheap food.

4) Don't dance naked with Oprah on the bank of the MS river. (I always like to add something I'll know I'll accomplish)

Why can't december end already!!!!

December 30th, 2008 at 03:35 pm

Ugh! Only a few more days in this month and I'm itching for it to end! I checked my school's bursar's office and in January I'll be getting 2,294.25$!!! I'm so excited!!!! AAHHH!!! Almost all of that is debt money! I'm gonna pay off some bills! I'm gonna pay off some bills! Yes!! I'm so smart! I rock those scholarships!! Okay, time to take a humble pill. Alright, well I have big plans for that money. Big plans. Hopefully I'll be a month ahead and get to pay off Credit One and Firestone in one go. That would be amazing!! I dunno though because my car has some problems that I really need to get fixed. I could charge it to my firestone card but forget that! I'm paying that junk off!

The firestone card is actually one of the cards that I plan on keeping and not canceling. That's because getting cars fixed can be super expensive and, if it's a large sum of money that I don't have, I can charge a little bit of it. I don't plan on charging fixing my car this time though. I dunno..

Okay, this is what my car is doing. The window somehow broke. Its not shattered or anything but it won't roll up anymore. I think it slipped off that thing that moves it up or down. I pushed it up and taped it but it still slips down even with the tape. This is extremely annoying cuz it makes it easy for people to reach into my car and its not like I'm living in the best of neighborhoods right now. It also lets cold wind in and rain. Basically it sucks and I wanna get it fixed but have no idea how much it'll cost me. Has that ever happed to ya'll? Any estimates?

sometimes its really hard

December 29th, 2008 at 03:25 am

Okay, I am now making more money. This is a good thing. I went from around 290$ a month to over 500$. I finally feel like I can get all this debt paid off which is wonderful because I'm sticking it to the man I really need an apartment around august. That means, credit score must go up and no cards cancelled until I am happily settled in my new one bedroom. Besides the one I have to pay five dollars for every month. Why the heck did I even get that card anyway? Oh yeah, it goes back to the never ending cycle. Stupid 'the man'. I should be getting around 2,000$ back in scholarship money to do whatever I want with and what I would really like, besides buying my school books and paying off credit cards, is get a new laptop. I know I can't but its really hard to say no when they are all on sale. My computer sucks. I mean, hardcore. I have cancelled the same program three times and it keeps appearing!! WTF WINDOWS!!!!??? I can think of tons of reasons why I should get one but I'm gonna tell myself no....and keep telling myself that. Can you stab a program?

Instead, if I have extra money, I'm gonna get a printer (since I'm extremely tired of putting everything on a usb drive and running to the library at six in the morning especially when its raining and my umbrella is broken and, as ya'll read from previous entries, I don't do mornings.) and I have been finding some nice ones for around 70$ which is totally do-able. Then, I wouldn't have to buy the windows student thing-a-ma-bob software that my school runs off of (since I didn't have a printer or that software, I usually had to put everything in an e-mail to myself and then reorganize it. Have you ever tried to reorganize a thriteen page paper in APA format? Not fun). Later on, when I get my new computer I'll get it but as for now, paying off bills.

Which is so annoying!!! I dunno how since Gandhi is like my biggest hero but I have somehow changed into a very materialistic person. Did I even spell that right? Anywho, I have been going out with the best guy in the whole world and he's a total cheap booty (notice the sensory? Yeah, I'm being classy). No offensive, baby! I love that about you! And because he saves so much, that's been rubbing off on me. Also, the ever approaching deadline 'you only have a few more months here!!!' is pretty inspiring. Especially since, even though she isn't Jewish, my mother could be the perfect Jewish mom. Always with the nagging!

This kind of has become almost second nature. Not the Jewish mom thing, the saving thing. I'm shopping at the dollar store a lot lately and turning up my nose at sixteen dollar scarves (not at the dollar store of course) when, a few months ago, I wouldn't have thought twice. Now I'm making more money and everything is on sale and its super hard not to go absolutely crazy and blow all my hard earned money to reward myself for working so hard. I know, I know, being out of debt is gonna feel so much better than a new pair of high heels...which actually don't feel that good anyway, but its hard and I wanted to complain about it. Me Me Me Moo Moo Moo!!

a happy change of plans!

December 23rd, 2008 at 03:59 am

So, I thought we would be going out of town for christmas but turns out we aren't! No one in my family could actually afford the trip down there and, once we all complained enough about it we decided not to go! Now, that may seem like nothing to ya'll. Maybe just saving 100$ in gas money but you would be wrong! This is only the third Christmas in my entire life that I haven't gone to visit my relatives in my entire life! I am so excited! Its like my first christmas all over again!

Oh, and the amazement (amazment?) doesn't end there! I talked to my mom and she said that she no longer wants to exchange gifts! Instead she wants us all to get together and just do something or go somewhere as a family! Now, call me selfish but I'd rather fork over gas money and actually go somewhere than I would buy a gift for someone who may or may not throw it away the next day.

We are talking about putting away a couple of dollars each week and all pitching in to go to Florida or somewhere. Do you know how cool it would be to go swimming on Christmas?! That would be balling! Oh! I'm so happy!!!!

ssssoooooooo tired

December 20th, 2008 at 11:43 pm

I am completely exhausted from work but I feel like writing a blog. I dunno why either. You would think I'd take a hot bath, soak, and curl up in bed watching the style network but you'd be wrong because Ruby is on and I've seen that episode.

I can't really think of anything to really write about so I'll just say hi, ya'll! I wont be able to write all next week because I'll be out of town with no internet so Merry Whatever-You-Celebrate and don't be an a$$ if you decide to do last minute shopping.


December 18th, 2008 at 11:33 pm

Okay, So a (big word here) depression has been on my mind lately. I think this is mainly because I have actually been watching the news. So, naturally, women wanna talk about what they are thinking about. Guess what I was doing the other day? Talking about a possible depression. You know what this one chick decided to tell me. She told me that I shouldn't be talking about it because it'll just upset people. My jaw literally dropped and, being the Memphis girl I am, I wanted to slap the stupid B@#&$!!! You know what? People should be scared! This is our freakin' economy we are talking about! People are losing their freakin' jobs and life savings! If you don't talk about it, whose gonna prepare?

This is not something you can just ignore and hope it goes away. If it doesn't happen, great! I mean, why would I want a depression to happen? I'm still in debt and I hear on the news that several credit card companies are gonna be raising interest rates because they are losing so much money. I need a new car cuz' mine is breaking down and I hear that the auto industry is failing. My mom can't afford her house but can't sell it to get a smaller one because she a) has lost the majority of her savings and b) her house isn't worth anything now!

There is no way in hell I'm wishing something as intense as a depression on us but some of us don't have the luxury of being uper class. We don't have thousands of dollars to blow on whatever we want while hard-working people lose everything they worked so hard to get.

UUURRRGGGG!!! I am so angry right now! I am working my butt off trying to get out of debt before anything hits. I am lucky enough that my office announced that they don't have enough poeple so I'm not gonna lose my job. I was planning on getting an apartment but, because of my mom's situation I might have to move back in with her and help her pay her bills. Or maybe I just shouldn't talk about it and magically they will get paid. Stupid B#@$%.

depression scare

December 17th, 2008 at 04:20 pm

So yesterday my boyfriend and I went two visit our families which was fun. His is going to Mexico and said they would bring me back something colorful. I'm hoping its something Mexican Folk arty. I love the smiling skulls and bright colors. Its totally ballin'.

Well, his mom made santa bread for my family. Its a giant loaf of bread that looks just like a santa face, I dunno how she does it. Well, while we were dropping it off at my house we ran into my mom which is a super rare occasion since she works two jobs. Well, one of her jobs is the same thing I do, adult sitter, and she said that she heard on the news that we are now going into a depression. That sometime next year or something we would no longer be considered a recession but full-blown depression.

I was wondering if anyone else heard this? I personally blame the goverment continuing bailing out big business. Yeah, I know, if they don't stocks suffer but its just the beginning of a cycle. They aren't bailing out the people and it doesn't matter if they bail out these buisness because the people still can't afford to shop there.

Maybe I'm wrong. I dunno that much about economics. I made a B in it back in high school but I totally guessed on everything so I dunno how that happened.

Well, just in case we are in for a depression I'm putting extra dedication into getting rid of my debt and building my savings. There is no way I'm gonna let 'the man' attack me during a depression. If we are in for this, I am so stomping the dude and his little suit.

Like a rich chick!

December 16th, 2008 at 06:02 pm

The history chanel just said that the gravitational pull that is holding the moon in place is slowly losing its grip. That the moon is slipping away from us a couple of inches every year. No wonder I have dreams about the world ending. The history chanel can be way scarier than any horror movie you can put in. I mean, the world ending in 2012, the moon going away...what's wrong with these people?!

Okay, I decided to write this blog because I finally got the money that my sister owed me for xmas presents! Yayness! Only...she doesn't know I took it from her yet. I'm sneaky like that. Sneaky like a mongoose. My grandpa sent us all fifty dollars in the mail for xmas since he is always out of town. He usually goes to this little mountain cabin with his wife (not my grandma, she passed. Sorry, didn't want to seem like I didn't love my grandma. I like his new wife though. She always smells very clean and laughs a lot. I like clean people who laugh.) and they spend time with her family. Long story why he doesn't spend time with his kids. Lets just say it involves 6,000$. Anywho, he sent us money and since my adoring little twit of a sister owed me 55$ (five more than what he sent) I took thirty dollars of her money and called it even.

It feels amazing to have money in my pocket! I mean, true, that money is immediately going towards bills, but it just feels nice to have it there for a liitle while. I even took some of that thirty dollars and filled up my car. Oh! I haven't had a full tank in over a month now! It felt so great!! I felt like one of those rich girls! know, its very sad when you feel like a rich person just because you filled up your car. Even after gas prices went down.

I haven't told ya'll to 'stay fresh' in awhile....and I'm still not gonna do it in this blog.

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