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How the xbox 360 saved my life

January 15th, 2009 at 02:40 am

Okay, it really didn't. January fools! But it is saving me tons of money and driving me absolutely crazy at the same time.

For those of you who don't read my posts (for shame!) Cuddly Bear and I pitched in together and bought an xbox360. I bought oblivion and he got a couple more games that involve killing not so defenseless AIs. Now, the great thing about this is, my game is huge! I mean, really freakin' huge. Its like an alternative life, I can do whatever the hell I want from live peacefully in my own house and become friends with my neighbors to run around and kill everything that moves. If you think it sounds like I'm trying to sell you the game, its because I am. Its cool. This is good for me because, since there is so much to explore, it keeps my busy and interested and that keeps me from spending money. Always a good thing. I fork over twenty bucks and I'm so amused I don't go shopping.

The bad thing is I have pretty much bent over and kissed my life away to Bethesda (the makers of the game). I don't feel as bad because my boyfriend has pretty much done the same. We are both Oooooing and AAwwwwwing over our new toy which means we are spending a lot more time together. Like right now he is sitting on my feet playing some 'hack up goblins games'. What? feet get cold....

Oh, and for those telling me to feel better soon I say thank you Smile My arm is still somewhat sore but much much better. I actually have full range of motion now. Oh, and getting the car fixed only ended up costing me 300$. I would have rather not payed it...grumble...but thats a lot less than what I expected to pay. Had to put it on my credit card though which sucks but I'll manage. I hope.

Really no point in reading this

January 2nd, 2009 at 04:10 am

I have decided to keep up with random crap I'm spending money on. I mean, I wanna know where all those greenbacks are going cuz it certainly ain't in my pocket! There really isn't any reason for ya'll to read this, its more for my reference and I will be attempting to update it everyday. More categories will probably be added as I spend money on it...why am i even explaining this? Its not worth reading anyway lol!

Food (also includes dates): 197.49
Games: 1.00
Debt: 1638.42
Fuel: 29.41
School (includes textbooks): 37.56
Gifts: 54.32
House Needs: 13.26
Clothes: 100.00
Crafts: 5.92

Amount of days gone without spending 8 day(s).

January isn't correct. I forgot I was doing this and ended up not factoring in a lot of stuff.

Fuel: 15.00
House Needs: