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off track

February 15th, 2009 at 04:55 pm

Well, not exactly standing where I would like to at this paticular moment in time. I mean, my relationship is wonderful, I'm seeing my family more than I usually do, I'm actually making good grades (pending monday's stats exam) but all my plans for lessening the ole' financial burden has somewhat gone off course. I dunno how it happened but I have once again become addicted to credit cards.

Hello, my name is Missy and I have a spending problem.

Alright, should definately give myself a little credit. Just a teensy bit. I'm not going and saying 'hey, I got thirty dollars left on this one! Lets blow it!' like I was before but I did start putting a bit of money on my newly freed capital one card. Needless to say I'm a weensy but frustrated in myself.

I no longer have any get out of debt plan which seemed to please so many readers, all of whom I love (we should really get together for tea), but on the other hand I do have twenty dollars in my savings which is an account I didn't even have before! excitement!

Well, I now want to end this blog because Bridget Jones's diary: The edge of reason is now on tv and I don't have a very good attention thingy...sperated...doing two time...yeah so.........bye.

slightly overwhelmed

February 5th, 2009 at 06:42 pm

Well, I'm getting that old familiar 'you will never get out of debt' feeling that I'm sure we have all had. I think I get mine way too much for someone with so little debt but its still there. I think I'm feeling this way because I did so good paying things off ahead of time and then got myself into trouble and had to use those cards. None too happy about that but I accept it. That's my only choice afterall. I thought about changing my plan for getting out of debt once again but I've decided against it. True, I wont have much money to blow this month but I don't really need to blow money anyway. Man, its gonna suck these next few months! Alright, time to swallow the big girl pill. I mean, I'm getting tax money back (its only 100 dollars but that's still good, right? At least I'm not paying money.) I know, I know, I don't have a lot of debt nor do these cards have a whole lot on them. Okay, I'll stop my whining and let ya'll get back to your lives. Sometimes you just need to write it all out or suffer explosion. Ya know?