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December 15th, 2008 at 06:01 pm

Nah, I'm just kidding. I saw my puppy today and she is fine besides being lazy and curled up in bed all morning. That's how she do.

Well, as ya'll can see by my beautiful side bar over there I have added a section called 'the future' bum bum BUM! Ya'll probably didn't even really notice though. Am I the only one that looks at those? I'm thinking yes. Well, ya'll might laugh at me but the future thing is about saving for my wedding. No, I'm not engaged or getting married. I hope to one day but, truthfully, its gonna be awhile. I have a bit of a comitment issue (who doesn't in this day and age?) and I'm still in college and will be for awhile. It never ends....*sigh*

well, I was watching some financial stuff on Tv (I'm totally addicted. I dunno what they are talking about half the time but they are soooo passionate about it!) and reading blogs and discovered that a lot of people are still in debt from their wedding. That's a no-no when it comes to me. There is no way I'm gonna get in debt and get right back in it as soon as I'm suppose to be starting my life with someone. Some people I have talked to have made fun of me for saving this early. They are like "Why are you saving if you don't plan to get married for another six or so years! That's ridicolous! ME ME ME MOO MOO MOO!"

*note: ME ME ME MOO MOO MOO! Is what I say when people are nagging or complaining. It's Missy speak, the quiz will be next wednesday.

But I say, bite me! That's the whole point! I mean, isn't it better to save for these kinda things years in advance than one year from the date? That way I have a chance to build up more money and it not have a wedding cake from wal-mart that is designed to look like a race track! I am speaking from real life. My friend, God bless her, had KFC cater her wedding and had a Cars (you know, the disney movie?) wedding cake. It even had the plastic even said CONGRADS!....Honey, noooo. That's what happens when you don't save for your wedding. *shakes head*

Okay, before I hear any complaining that my savings fund has a lower goal amount than my future fund does, I just wanna say that isn't the limit. It's just that, when I look at it, it looks a little more reasonable than putting 300,000$ especially for a girl who only has enough to put a dollar in each account.

Speaking of which! isn't that little dollar amount cute! I mean, awww! Missy, is broke! I was gonna buy a pizza with it but instead made little envelopes with the name of the funds on the outside and put a dollar in each one....with the exception of incentives of course because I didn't have enough dollars.

I'm so happy my dog is not eated! Smile

My last expensive christmas

December 8th, 2008 at 10:45 pm

I have been reading some blogs and online ideas for christmas and I have decided that this will be my very last expensive christmas. If ya'll read my blog than you'll know how much I absolutely LOVE the christmas season. I mean, I love it even more than someone strapping me to a chair and throwing spiders on me! I love it more than a dentist pulling out my teeth without numbing me! I mean, it's so joyous and festive! And who doesn't look good in light up reindeer sweaters?!

This christmas is gonna cost me. I already know that. True, I didn't spend as much as I originally thought because I shopped at Gordmans (My favorite store ever! Go online to see if you have one in your area! Now!...Well, not now. Finish reading my blog first!) But shopping for my mom and dad is gonna cost me because my brother, sister and I always split the cost. This year my sister seems to think it would be a great idea not to give me the money so I have to pay double. Hear that sound? That sound is the sound of me strangling her in my mind.

I have decided that I am going super cheap on gifts for now on. Christmas is not about gifts or a coca-cola designed Santa. Its about spending time with love ones and drinking hot chocolate and watching the Godfather 1 & 2.

I have decided that, with friends, I'm gonna spend a total of ten dollars. It's really easy to put nice things together for ten dollars and is also a challenge to make it not look like you splurged at the dollar store. I like a challenge. (besides, I only have like three friends I would buy anything for anyway) I mean, its kind of fun. I did something similar to that this year with one friend. She told me not to spend a lot on her if I was gonna get her anything because she couldn't afford to buy anybody anything thise year. I planned on getting her something anyway because she is one of my besties and I ended up finding a great gift for her. It cost a total of four dollars. I gave it to her today. She actually squealed. I mean, what? She loved it and thought it was so cute (it was a box of hershey kisses with one of their old style advertisements on it. She loves old advertisments like the classic coca-cola stuff.) Moral of the story: You don't have to spend a lot to have the perfect gift and I rule.

P.s. got the gift at gordman's.

Family Friends
Now for family friends (total of two). I plan on spending another ten. They always get me something so I kinda feel obligated but they are more neighbors than, 'hey missy, lets gets some drinks or go out to eat sometime! Need a shoulder to cry on? I'm here!' so that's ten dollars. Again, super fun challenge. I have a winning complex.

Now this is where it gets complicated. My family is extremely materialistic. I wish they weren't but they are and they actually judge each other when it comes to what gifts they get. I mean, my mom actually said that I get my uncle better gifts so I must love him more. WTF, MOM! That gives me slight pressure to spend more because I feel like I have to please everyone but forget that! I'm changing my thinking and they can deal. I mean, I get them something. I don't hand them a half-eaten box of candy and say 'go wild' which actually happened to me once. Thank's auntie. Best gift ever. not. Well, the problem with my family is there is a lot of them. I have six aunts and uncles on one side and four on the other. Add in their kids and you have a fun time. I have forty cousins on my mom's side alone. Now, I'm not gonna worry about any of them. They usually don't buy anything for me, unless they already ate half of it and there are too many to deal with. I will be buying for my parents (2), my siblings (2), my grandparent (1) and my closest uncle (1). My brother and sister are too young to work so we will divide the cost of everyone (of course, we buy for each other seperately. We don't divide the amount on my brother. My brother gets gifts from me and sis. Just better that way. I plan on spending 50$ on each of my parents and my uncle (remember that will be divided so I don't actually spend that much) and then 15$ on brother and sister (30 total) and 25$ on my grandmother (we never see her and that will also be divided)

Now I have a boyfriend and his family to buy for. They have already told me not to spend more than 5$ on them which makes me really happy. For them, that's 15$. Buying for him, not so sure. We always try to spend the same amount on each other so there is no, 'I spent 150$ on you and you bought me a three dollar teddy bear!!!' Yeah, don't wanna deal with that. I haven't talk to him on that one and he can be picky on certain things so I'm gonna leave that one a huge question mark. Here it is: ? Imagine it bigger.

Okay, Here is my total. This is actually the first time I've looked at it so I'm gonna be as suprised as you...that or tired of reading this. *drum roll* After spliting the price of family members with my brother and sister I get a total of 153.34? I put the question mark there because I'm not sure about my boyfriend. It's a little more than I thought but I'm pretty happy with it. I mean, even if it went up to closer to 200$ that's still a lot less than what this christams will be.

I thought about bringing down how much I spend on my uncle but I'm not doing that. My uncle isn't married because his fiancee died in a car crash and treats us like his kids. He calls me every week and is the first to offer any help when things gets tough. He's absolutely the only family member that does that. He deserves fifty dollars on his gift.

Okay, I'm done. Just felt like blogging. Oh, and if you actually read this all the way through, you deserve a cookie. I mean, that had to be as fun as getting a light up christmas sweater.


An emergency fund and a question

December 8th, 2008 at 04:35 pm

Well, I have been figuring out how much I would need for an emergency fund and decided that I should have 8 months of living expenses since the economy is poopy. I think 344$ sounds like a good estimate. I mean, I don't have a house or kids to pay for and I'm mainly adding up what I owe on bills every month plus an extra 100$. Thinking about it, I make 292$ every month...I pay almost in much as bills as I make...No wonder I'm always in debt! Man, that sucks!! I am definately gonna have to get more hours at work. okay, back on subject. 344$ times 8 is 2,752$ for those of you who hate math as much as I do. I need to get that as soon as possible.

I'm gonna start putting 29.56$ of every check into a savings account (I think that should be a dime of every dollar...again, hate math) and, when I get some money in January I'm gonna put some of that towards my savings.

Oh, question. What do ya'll know about interenet banks? I know some of them get a whole lot more interest than regular banks but that's pretty much all I know. How would you deposit money? would my money be safe?