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a collection agency question

March 25th, 2009 at 04:10 pm

Well, I called the psychology place that I owe that 160$ to and they told me that they had sent the bill to the collection agency. Great, they wont return someone's weekly phone calls for three months but they are more than happy to send the bill over to the collection agency *rolls eyes*. Well, I asked the girl if I could still come over to the doctor's office and pay the amount and she said sure. I went over there. I wrote a check and made sure I got a receipt and then I asked since I paid them would I still have to pay the collection agency because I haven't recieved any letter or anything from them. She said she didn't know but I could call the doctor's billing office. Now, that's the same lady who refused to answer any of my phone calls. I wanted to make a complaint about that lady but I have no idea who to complain too. Okay, I'm probably getting confusing.

My question is, the psychology doctor's office place sent the bill over to the collection agency but still allowed me to pay them directly. Now, I haven't recieved a letter from the collection agency yet so will I still have to pay the collection agency? Also, how bad will this hurt my credit if at all?

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  1. momcents Says:

    If you have proof that you paid the bill, I think you can have the erroneous information removed. Put it all in writing and save copies of everything.

  2. SnoopyCool Says:

    I am only assuming that the hospital would have to notify the collections agency that they were paid. Maybe contact the agency and send a certified letter along with a COPY of your receipt that you paid?

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Of course you don't have to pay the collection agency. If anything, the doctors office owes the agency for wasting their time because of their poor management.
    Who informed you that it had gone to collections? If the agency sends you something now, simple inform them the debt had been paid in FULL (make sure there were no hidden "late fee" or interest they were still going after!

  4. whitestripe Says:

    definately make a complaint. i would send a letter of complaint, things seem to be handled better when they are in writing.

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