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Feeling a little better

April 9th, 2009 at 05:27 pm

Well, I feel a lot better after ranting. I usually do. I have already talked to my boss about getting more hours during the summer which sucks because I hate my job so much but rules because this is probably the only job I'm gonna find with my inexperience that pays so well. I could actually live off this job. If I wasn't limited on hours due to school of course. My plan is to bear with it during the summer and get out of debt in three months. I know its gonna totally blow but I'm preparing for it. It'll be worth it in the end. I just gotta believe it.

I have a month left of classes and feel like I'm kinda scrapping by. I'm in statistics and I swear that's the hardest class in the world. In hell, they'll make you run data. They also won't give you a computer. I have managed to keep a C in that class and, although its my own personal pledge not to accept any grade lower than a B, I'll be very happy with a C.

I'm also in the process of moving back in with my mom. Totally sucks when you have already lived on your own for a year but she needs help with the bills and, in the long run, it'll cost me less in rent.

Paying off Macy's felt great and now I'm in the process of paying off firestone. I really want two cards out of the way for this month. Macy's didn't have a lot left on it so firestone should go too. This takes a lot of dedication on my part and is slightly annoying but I really wanna be out of debt by August. In August I should be getting around 4,000$. I could just wait till then and pay off my debt but I really need a new computer and would like to have a larger emergency fund since my happy 18$ wont cut it if I lose my job.

Well, I think I've ranted enough. I gotta go to class in a few minutes.

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  1. kdmoffett25 Says:

    I hated Statistics too... I prayed for a C and came out with a B. It really sucked. I didn't understand it until like the last 2 weeks of class...

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